NFL teams are not signing Former San Francisco 49erS Colin Kaepernick after he stood in solidarity with victims of police brutality by protesting and not standing for the national anthem. Many are arguing that he’s not getting signed simply because he is not good enough but when looking at his competitors resumes, others argue it is due to his political involvement and activism with black lives matter.
President Donald trump claims that the NFL won’t sign him because they are afraid to receive angry tweets by him. But it is clear that anyone who gets involved with black lives matter or openly shows their support faces repercussions, similar to that of those who were involved and supportive of the Black panthers.
In Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance she wore black panther attire and sang against police brutality among the black community. Subsequently, thousands of white Super Bowl attendees demanded a refund because of Beyoncés performance.
In the aftermath of the numerous police-related shootings, WNBA players from the Minnesota Lynx, New York Liberty and Phoenix Mercury all wore pro-Black Lives Matter t-shirts during warmups at games in 2016.In Minneapolis, the shirts caused an uproar among off-duty cops, as they dramatically walked out of a Lynx game. All three teams were fined $5,000 and each player was fined $500 as the shirts violated the league’s uniform policy.
It is evident that white Americans love to watch black celebrities and athletes entertain and perform, but the moment they speak out about racial inequalities, their white fans condemn them as their love is only conditional. Why do fans hate it when the entertainers they watch stand up for racial inequalities? But when it comes to other social justice issues fans are okay with them. I believe this just portrays how much America has a problem with racism to the extent that they want their favorites singer or athletes to remain silent on the issue.