“Emboldened young supporters of President-elect Donald Trump, we are told, have taken his triumph and turned it into an opportunity to harass, humiliate and even assault people at schools and colleges around the U.S. The problem is finding examples of pro-Trump activists wreaking havoc on schools and campuses that hold up to scrutiny. In fact, it’s much easier to find examples of violence against students who have openly backed Trump; there are more than a few stories of kids being pummeled for disagreeing with the losing side”

– Maureen Sullivan, Forbes.com Contributor

The reporting of “fake hate crimes” are only being used to further the agenda of removing affirmative action and silencing the civil rights issues we have in America. I would ask those who are complaining about hoax hate crimes and later backing it up with stories of how trump supporters are real victims of hate crimes, what is your definition of a hate crime? From what I speculate about your opinion of hate crimes against trump supporters, one would believe that your definition of a hate crime would be equivalent to a UCLA student showing up on USC’s campus the day of a rivalry game and chanting “go bruins”, then getting a plastic bottle thrown at his head. You see, hate crimes have existed way before trump ran for president, and the definition of hate crime arose from the emancipation of slaves and the racism and violence inflicted upon them because of their skin color. Might I add race is an immutable trait just like gender, sexual orientation and other ethnicities (and I am not implying that trump supporters deserve to be abused because they had a choice in who they could vote for). But the intentions behind the perpetrators of real hate crimes are deeper and more vile than the hate you describe that some Trump supporters may receive. People are victims of hate crimes because of how they appear on the surface. I could be a trump supporter and still be a victim a hate crime solely based upon my race, and not because of my support for Trump in America. Victims of hate crimes are in real danger in our country because they cannot hide their appearance to those who hold despising views of bigotry, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, and racism.

“We’ve turned victimhood into a currency, we’ve elevated grievance, we’ve elevated victims into a sort of ‘honored status'”

– Milo Yiannopoulos, Former Breibart.com Tech Editor

Now as a biracial, pan-sexual, woman of color I can admit that at a very short period of time when my parents sheltered me as a child around the ages of 5 to 12 I too used to believe that the cries of victimhood were simply fairy tales. Unfortunately, when I was thrown in the raw real world, I experienced and realized that victims of hate crimes were real and not fake like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Clause. From the moment when I was put into a predominantly white school and my white peers notified me that I was a black child by putting a yellow sticky note that read “nigger” on the back of my shirt. From the moment when my white mother complained to my teacher about that incident and my teacher laughed and did nothing to discipline those students. From the moment when my own family disowned me when I told them I was in a same-sex relationship, I knew that our country is a scary and difficult place to live in for minorities. Now I don’t associate myself with liberals that conservatives are attacking over fake hate crimes, but I do know from my experiences that hate crimes are real and they are dangerous. It might be true that some individuals fake being a victim of hate crimes, but that is not prevalent nor relevant enough to overlook the real gruesome incidents of hate crimes in America like the ones that result in killings of a fellow Americans.